Kiara Sanchez

Kiara Sanchez

PhD Candidate

Stanford University


I am a social psychology PhD student at Stanford University working primarily with Dr. Greg Walton. I am a member of the Dweck-Walton lab (PIs: Carol Dweck & Greg Walton) and Race & Social Inequality lab (PIs: Jennifer Eberhardt & Claude Steele). Before coming to Stanford I received a BA in Psychology and Sociology from Rice University, where I worked with Dr. Mikki Hebl.


  • Social Psychology
  • Intergroup Friendship
  • Race Talk
  • Interventions
  • Identity Safety


  • PhD in Psychology, in progress

    Stanford University

  • BA in Psychology and Sociology, 2016

    Rice University


Classroom Race Talk & Parent-teacher Trust

Do White and Black parents trust teachers to talk about race? Does this trust influence teachers’ decisions to talk about race?

Conversations about Race-Related Experiences

How do cross-race friends talk about their race-related experiences? What are the consequences?


Children's Intergroup Relations and Attitudes

The existence of warm, intimate, supportive, and egalitarian relationships between members of differing social outgroups is likely, at …


I have been a Teaching Assistant for the following classes at Stanford:

  • Psychology of Scarcity
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Self and Society: Introduction to Social Psychology (head TA)
  • Introduction to Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity
  • Intergroup Communication

I have been a Head Instructor for the following classes at Stanford:

  • Introduction to Social Psychology

I have guest lectured in the following classes at Stanford:

  • Cultural Psychology